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Urgent prayer need for Todd Brown

The following are announcements from Mountain Bible Church, Todd Brown’s home church in the United States:

Update, Saturday, March 9 … Just in from the Youth With A Mission Montego Bay base Director, Marion Jacobsen …

Hi everybody,

I had a full week but was still able to visit Todd but was unable to write. Todd started a new book two days ago. He winks, he smiles, he hears. With the right hand he tried to squeeze my finger. Psalm 66:20. The doctor said, “He is with us”.
I saw Todd again yesterday as well as talked with the doctor. They did a CT scan of the head, you might recall that he had two spots in his brain that were bleeding. One is resolving and the other is stable, not getting any worse but just the same. Hence he started anticoagulant yesterday (meds to prevent bld clots); the compression stockings I got are not enough.

He also had a CT scan of the abdomen, a mass is seen above kidney – on the the adrenal gland. It doesn’t seem to be posing a problem at this time.

The chest tube is out. The chest X-ray showed that he still has a lot of secretions.
No pus is seen on the bronchoscopy. OnTuesday he started a new IV antibiotic for 10 days, after which they will repeat the culture.

They are gradually weaning him off the oxygen. His right side is improving. Right now it is a “wait and see” concerning his treatment. Soon he will be on the ward and more of us will be able to visit.

Thanks for praying for us … Marion

Update, Tuesday, March 5 … Good News to Start the Week:
We continue to work on details of how to care for Todd in the days ahead and we appreciate your prayers and concerns expressed about that.

Meanwhile, Marion at YWAM, sent us an encouraging word on how Todd was doing Monday:
“Todd looked so much better today and the nurse said, “He’s coming out.” His eyes were wide open. His eyes went from me to the YWAM board member who was granted favor to go in for a short visit. There is some movement on the right side. He is off the ventilator but he still is on oxygen. He is wearing the cervical collar, which the doctor said he’ll wear for approximately three months for the C7 fracture to be healed.”

Update, Saturday, March 2 … Mixed News to End the Week:
The YWAM DIrector, Marion, has been doing an excellent job overseeing Todd’s care and this is what she says:

“Todd was responding to commands: “Show me one finger Todd; show me two fingers”. Our brother is coming out slowly but surely. God is Good. He is being weaned off the ventilator so he was getting less support so his breathing was laboured as expected, but he was breathing. The neurosurgeon met with me to discuss the long term care.
Todd is been watched for:
1) Infection- even with the specific antibiotics he still has a high fever
2) Blood clots- Right calf swollen
3) Bed sores – immobile (I got him an egg crate mattress and will be trying to get him above knee compression stockings.)
These complications cause less blood flow to the brain hence the healing there is slower.

Rehab in the hospital and in Jamaica is limited. The two recommended by the doctor are in Kingston one public and the other private. I will check those out this weekend as I will be in Kingston.

Chest x-ray done was not too good
CT scan is due to reassess bleeding
C7 fracture – will heal with time if he is kept stable.” (estimate is 3 months)

Update, Thursday, Feb. 28:
Thank you all for your prayers and concerns. Our church elders met with Todd’s brother Darin this week and are developing answers for some of the “nuts and bolts” questions of Todd’s recovery.
Pastor John Haak

Marion of YWAM writes:

“I waited in the ICU lobby while the tracheostomy was being done. Dr. Hemmings ENT specialist took the time and explained how they were able to successfully do the procedure without moving his neck. No bronchoscopy was requested as they do not want to do too much on him at one time. The breathing has improved.

Questions to the doctor on duty …

Is he still critical? Yes, he is still not out of the woods but stable.
Will another bronchoscopy be done ? Not necessary at this time. They had taken a culture of the infection in the lung and they are treating it with a specific antibiotic and he is doing better fever going down.

Will he need a chest xray? Chest x-ray will be done this week to check the position of the chest tube and it will give an overview of the procedure done already .

Any improvement in the brain? Little but nothing major . Severe head injuries takes time.

Please continue to pray. With this tracheostomy they will wean him off the ventilator and transfer him to the ward.”

Update, Tuesday, Feb. 26: Todd’s brother Darin returned from Jamaica on Saturday and reports that Todd is making progress, though slowly. Please pray for Todd’s long-term needs and care, which presently are extensive. Donations can be sent to his home church at the following address: Mountain Bible Church, 23946 Summit Road, Los Gatos, CA 95033.

Update, Tuesday, Feb. 19: Todd’s brother Darin leaves for Jamaica tonight. Please pray for him as he travels. Darin has expressed thanks and gratitude to Todd’s friends and supporters, noting the closeness everyone shares with Todd.

We’ve received one clarification about Todd’s condition. While he does respond to touch, he does not yet respond to voices. Those close to the situation explain that Todd is in stable condition, but that means only that his condition is not deteriorating. Please pray for Todd’s recovery.

Update, Monday, Feb. 18: Pastor John Haak reports that Todd’s situation remains much the same, but there is increased hope: the source of a fever has been identified — this will help doctors treat Todd — and there is “slight movement” in his right side (there hadn’t been before). Please keep praying for Todd.

Update, Sunday, Feb. 17: People and churches across the globe are praying for Todd. See what the Lord has done in Todd’s life. Pray for what the Lord will do.

Update, Friday, Feb. 15: Pastor John Haak reports that Todd remains in critical condition, though he is improving by degrees. Todd’s brother leaves early next week to be in Jamaica. Please pray.

Update, Thursday, Feb. 14: Pastor John Haak reports the following —

Our member who moved to Jamaica to serve the youth was in a terrible accident Sunday. But we just got some hopeful news from his friends: “The swelling in the face is going down and the effects of the battering is more noticeable.The Nurse reported that he opened his eyes. Pupils are responding well to light. When I got there this evening he had just settled down because he was very agitated. I read to him and gave a brief summary of the day. Left arm still restrained. He opened his eyes a little while I was there and gave my hand a firm grip, he was not so sedated”

Update, Wednesday, Feb. 13: “Doctors are more hopeful” — that is the latest word from Jamaica about Todd Brown. His injuries are serious, but he is responding to voices and gripping people’s hands. Tonight, we got word that he opened his eyes, and that his pupils are responding to light. We pray that God will continue Todd along a road of recovery.

Please stay tuned for updates.


On Sunday, Feb. 10, Todd Brown was involved in a serious, life-threatening accident while riding his motorcycle. His prognosis is uncertain. He is being cared for by doctors in a hospital in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and members of his church and missionary organization are with him night and day. They are praying, reading scriptures, and singing in order to fill his room with hope. Please pray for Todd Brown.

A prayer meeting will be held at at Mountain Bible Church in Los Gatos, California, Wednesday, Feb. 13, at 7 p.m. The church is located in the Santa Cruz mountains at 23946 Summit Road, Los Gatos, CA 95033. Our telephone number is 408-353-2302.

Todd is a dear brother and we pray for God’s mercy. Please pray also for his brother Darin Brown, Todd’s home church in Jamaica, and Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Montego Bay, where Todd works.

If you have questions, e-mail Pastor John Haak at mountainbible @ gmail.com.

Mark Adams
Elder, Mountain Bible Church


Entering into Destiny

By now you probably know that I am a hand drummer, and have been using this gift to make relationships with people, and bring them into an understanding of the nature and character of God.
I would have to say that I too am learning day by day, who this great creator is, and what his purposes are for my life in this season.
Here in Jamaica we face a war in the sphere of music, and the Lord is unlocking doors for me to be a part of the Gospel Reggae world ! I enjoy the music with a message and a nice beat, and Red Tones band, founded by Claudius and Toni England, have given me an opportunity to reach into this area of ministry. Thus far I have joined them for Betta Tomorrow, Jazz and Blues, and Bring back the Love,bring back the peace, all concerts where we lift up Jesus Christ in a reggae style. As I move along in Gods pathway for me, I am sensing a shifting in how my service will look, even as I seek Gods direction, and His timing. I know that one needs to step out boldly in this world of choices, and sometimes it comes with a certain amount of risk to a comfort level one grows accustom, but I know that I must step out in faith, and trust my leaders, and most of all, the Lord himself. The whole fact that I am being accepted into this musical world is a great honor, as Jamaicans are a very proud people, and I give God thanks for the opportunity to do what I love, for the one I love. Praise God, and all glory and honor to him.


Betta Tomorrow (Better Tomorrow)

SAM_0958I was blessed to play in a Big Concert for Betta tomorrow, a vision of Kevin Smith, a local gospel reggae artist.
There was many singers, dancers, and musicians, whom all offered their gifts to the cause of building a better Jamaica.
I played with Claudias England and the Red Tones, as well as back up for Church Boy and singers from around Montego Bay.
It has always been a goal of mind to use my drumming to cut through the gap of color, age, and religion here in Jamaica. The youth and all Jamaicans love their music, and the message of the gospel can easily be brought through this artistic format. I believe this is just the beginning, and although I have played in front of many people, in big shows, and smaller events, this was one I believe will be of the most positive impact as the event gains more ground every year. I will look to be more involved as time goes by with the musicians on the island, and hopefully give them vision for the nations. Reggae music has gone all over the world, and its now time for us to use it to bring glory to God !

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