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In loving memory of Todd Brown

In Memory of Todd Brown at MBC

Pastor John Haak of Mountain Bible Church in Los Gatos, California, reports the following —

The saddest outcome for us … but Todd is free.

Here is how Marion Jacobs, his YWAM base Director describes it:

“I saw Todd yesterday, it was very rough for me. He is now out of ICU and on the regular ward. He seemed so frail and ill looking. I just wanted to take him home and care for him. His hair needed cutting but they were afraid to move his neck because of the injury. My heart ached when I looked at him. I purchased some pajamas last evening so that he at least wouldn’t look so ill lying there, and had everything prepared to take with me when I visit with him today.

This morning while I was in the morning meeting, I got an urgent text from his Jamaican pastor. She said the hospital had been desparately trying to get in touch with me, so they got her instead. Todd, our dear precious brother went home to be with the Lord this morning at approximately 6:18 AM. I have no words to describe the emotions that I am going through right now and I am sure it is the same for you. I spoke to his American pastor this morning as well. Please be in prayer for his church family both locally and abroad, his brother and other relatives and friends and his YWAM family. This is such a blow to us as we were putting things in place for his rehab in Kingston. I wanted to take him home, but the Lord took him home faster than I could.”

Updates regarding memorial services for Todd will be posted at MountainBible.com.

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  • admin March 22, 2013, 7:31 pm

    Dear brother, you will be missed. God bless. – Mark Adams

  • Margie March 27, 2013, 5:39 am

    Dear Todd, I was really hoping to get to catch up with you. I’ve seen every picture and story you have written, and how you have inspired and gathered so many for His kingdom. Your final trial took 40 days, a biblical number given to us to prepare, and see His hand in this. See you on the other side. ~Amen, You will be missed. Love in Him forever, Margie

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