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Entering into Destiny

By now you probably know that I am a hand drummer, and have been using this gift to make relationships with people, and bring them into an understanding of the nature and character of God.
I would have to say that I too am learning day by day, who this great creator is, and what his purposes are for my life in this season.
Here in Jamaica we face a war in the sphere of music, and the Lord is unlocking doors for me to be a part of the Gospel Reggae world ! I enjoy the music with a message and a nice beat, and Red Tones band, founded by Claudius and Toni England, have given me an opportunity to reach into this area of ministry. Thus far I have joined them for Betta Tomorrow, Jazz and Blues, and Bring back the Love,bring back the peace, all concerts where we lift up Jesus Christ in a reggae style. As I move along in Gods pathway for me, I am sensing a shifting in how my service will look, even as I seek Gods direction, and His timing. I know that one needs to step out boldly in this world of choices, and sometimes it comes with a certain amount of risk to a comfort level one grows accustom, but I know that I must step out in faith, and trust my leaders, and most of all, the Lord himself. The whole fact that I am being accepted into this musical world is a great honor, as Jamaicans are a very proud people, and I give God thanks for the opportunity to do what I love, for the one I love. Praise God, and all glory and honor to him.

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